Abby Block, CD(DONA), CBC

Doula & Breastfeeding Support ~ Serving Brooklyn & NYC

What Your Doula Package Includes

Please note that this is just a guideline, and that I tailor sessions to include what you feel you most need and want. All appointments take place at your home and birth location, unless we arrange otherwise. After each meeting, I'll send you a folder of handouts that relate to the topics we covered in your session, plus any extras that may relate to your interests or concerns.

Free Consultation:

  • Get to know and interview each other

  • Decide if we are a good match

  • Learn more about what a doula does

Upon signing on with me, you will have access to

  • 24/7 support via email, text, and phone for questions related to prenatal care, your pregnancy, upcoming labor, birth, and newborn care

  • Recommendations for childbirth education classes and/or needed, recommendations of OBs, midwives, and birth settings based on your priorities and preferences

  • Response to email within 24 hours in most instances

  • Your spot is booked in my calendar for the 5 weeks surrounding your estimated due date (EDD), from week 37 to week 42
  • Tips and recommendations for a healthy pregnancy and to encourage a smooth labor, with specific things you can begin doing right away

Prenatal Session #1 (at app. 32-35 weeks):

  • Intake form

  • Logistics: phone numbers, communication, staying in touch, getting to the hospital/birthing center

  • Your expectations, hopes, and concerns as a couple

  • Doula support/role/limits

  • Birth & newborn care preferences (aka "birth plan")

  • Pain Medication Preferences Scale, pain management options (pros, cons, benefits, risks, etc.)

  • Breastfeeding Prep

  • Postpartum support plan

  • Hospital and care provider protocols, including overall policies, GBS protocol, inductions, cesareans, etc.

  • Optimal fetal positioning

  • Handouts, resources, & recommendations

Prenatal Session #2 (at app. 35-37 weeks):

  • Review stages & signs of labor

  • Comfort measures for labor

  • Rebozo techniques

  • Laboring positions

  • Birthing positions and techniques

  • Birth scenarios

  • Communication in the hospital and with care providers

  • Handouts, resources, & recommendations


  • On call for you from week 37 until you give birth

  • You contact me when labor begins, and we decide together when/where I will meet you in labor

  • I remain with you unconditionally and continuously throughout labor and birth, providing encouragement and non-judgmental support

  • Provide various suggestions and prompts for coping strategies and fetal positioning

  • Assist you in having the birth experience you desire

  • Encouragement and support for you to make your voice heard regarding your birth preferences in the birth setting

  • Approximately 2 hours (or more if needed) of immediate postpartum support

  • Assistance with initial latch and breastfeeding support

Days after check-in:

  • Calls or texts to check in on you, with a focus on breastfeeding support, your recovery, and resources or tips or referrals as needed

  • Continued postpartum check-ins to ensure your first nights and days at home goes well, and to answer any questions or to trouble shoot as needed

Postpartum visit
(3 days - 2 weeks after):

  • Love on your baby!

  • Questions about the birth/recap birth experience

  • Discuss your health, well-being, and recovery

  • Breastfeeding check-in and trouble shooting, if needed

  • Best practices for postpartum healing

  • Postpartum nutrition

  • Newborn care

  • Sleep

  • Babywearing (if desired)

  • Handouts, resources, & recommendations