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Stop Telling Women that Birth Plans are Pointless

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Excerpt from this great article by Milli Hill:

Yes, birth is unpredictable, but don't let that fool you into thinking the whole thing is just pot luck. There are elements that you can include in your birth plan that will maximise your chances of having a positive experience. They won't be a cast iron guarantee (remember that bit about how life sucks?). But they will maximise your chances.

Birth plans are not just idyllic wish lists lit by pretty tea-lights and trimmed with home-made bunting. A birth plan is a chance to take a detailed look at the huge amount of choices and options available to you, to consider the many ways birth might unfold, and to really make sure your voice is heard in the labour room. "Don't offer me pain relief unless I ask for it." "Keep voices and lights low" "Delay cord clamping" "I don't want V.E's" "Immediate skin to skin" "Husband with me in theatre" "Yes / No to Vitamin K", the list of options is endless and worthy of a great deal of time and consideration. 
Read the article in its entirety here.