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Babies & Stress

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As a birth doula, I focus mostly on birth with my clients. That's my specialty. I love helping clients find the right childbirth education class for them, the right hospital, midwife, or OB practice, figure out which baby gear they may or may not need, and of course, to prepare for labor and birth! When I see my birth clients at the postpartum visit, we usually piece the birth story back together, check in on the mother's recovery and health, and spend some time on breastfeeding and sleep. What we often don't get to is how to care for a baby. That's where a postpartum doula would come in - although often times a postpartum doula focuses more on caring for the mother, or helping with the baby so that the mother can take care of herself. There is currently a big gap and learning curve when it comes to caring for babies, as in times past, most women learned this by watching other mothers in their home or their community care for babies. Now, we have other ways to learn about caring for babies, one of which is reading articles and research on the internet :)

Stress in Babies: How to keep babies, calm, happy, and emotionally happy